We are looking for a Project Manager

Today, Dogstudio is looking for the ideal project manager to take care of their wonderful and really appreciated clients


  • You have between 3 and 5 years of experience as a project manager in a digital agency : your skills as a team leader, your knowledge in digital and your social skills make you the perfect candidate.
  • You’re unconditionally passionate by the digital industry, its tremendous evolution and when you wake up you start your day checking what happened during the night on the internet.
  • You know several keyboard shortcuts including at least three fingers.
  • You have an excellent knowledge of the newest technologies and you’re permanently up to the new trends ( we hate the word « trends » though ).
  • Vous maitrisez parfaitement le français et avez d’excellentes capacités rédactionnelles but you can switch to english whenever it’s needed (spoken and written).
  • You're often told that you’re listening a lot to others and more especially from your clients and colleagues ( your mama doesn’t really count ).
  • You’ve already bought shoes from your smartphone because you couldn’t find the proper size at the store.
  • You’re a overachiever…we mean a real one, and not only because it’s a good thing to say on a job interview.
  • You’re multitask : You have an excellent ability to switch from one project to another on the same day, you’re super duper flexible and you know how to adapt ( basically we call you the Mac Gyver of project management…but with a better haircut ).
  • You’re a pasionnate human being, whether it is by music, cinema, unicorns, poneys, electronics or everything altogether. We love enthusiastic and curious people.
  • You have an experience with agile development. You think daily, you love retrospective.

Your job

  • You will coordinate your team’s efforts and will be producing a qualitative and efficient follow up on your projects.
    From the signature to the release ( and after ).
  • Moreover, you will have to handle your client’s follow-up and will answer your clients and prospects requests for proposals.
  • Ho…did we mention human contact was natural to you?

Your tasks

  • You have to be a proactive and efficient project manager because, believe us…being late is not an option, quality is a must and two plus two equals four.
  • You know that if you want to link an SQL database to the PHP developed CMS, you will have to create a webservice, and you also know that replacing a flash animation ( what is that?) by a javascript one is much more efficient on iPad.
  • You’re praised for your orthographic skills.
  • You will handle the follow-up of the plannings but also the creation of a previsional budgets.
  • You will take part in the initial conception of a project : from the commercial and technical evaluation, to its links to the company’s global strategy.
  • Proactive contribution to business development : earning trust and loyalty, maintaining a good relationship, analyzing the satisfaction rate, ….
  • Should you have any trouble, you will have some imagination and reactivity to resolve it as fast as you can, and you won’t quit until everything’s under control. Think about Rocky…it often helps us.
  • In the end… we’re looking for a project manager.


  • You have an experience with agile development and scrum methods.
  • In one of your previous lives, you worked as a backend developer.
  • You like knock knock jokes.
  • You like to cook for your colleagues…kidding…but well...

We offer

  • A whole lot of new challenges both with conception of sturdy and complex portals but also with more experimental projects getting you to dive into complex behaviors.
  • Collaboration and most probably a few after-work drinks with a young team of passionate and talented individuals.
  • The opportunity to work with our great clients and on an expanding list of international clients.
  • An interesting and adapted salary package.
  • The most important : your very own dog nickname.

We need

Your resume goddammit.

By the way, and just to be honest with you..we don't care about your cover letter, we already know you're willing to work with us. We care about result.

Please note : We're really really busy right now and we will only get back to the candidates moving to the next step. Sorry about that !

Send everything to hello@dogstudio.be.

Why are you still there ? We're waiting for you already.

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