Sex, Love &
Serial murderers

for Alleluia

We did Strategy, UX + design, extra bandages

90’ - 16mm, Fabrice du Welz

Back in 2014, we’ve been approached by “Cuistax”, the production company in charge of the new Fabrice du Welz movie ( Calvaire ). The movie in itself is a loose adaptation of the honeymoon killers ( Ramond Fernandez and Martha Beck), who were guilty of having killed no less than 20 women between 1947 and 1949. The main challenge was to think and create a digital product which would perfectly fit in Fabrice’s heavy and complex graphic universe.

The provided solution consists of a series of 4 digital magazines which would slowly introduce the movie, its context, Fabrice’s universe and other informations about the movie.

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The idea

Interactive Fanzine

Finding the perfect balance between a “paper-like” feel and a usable digital product wasn’t an easy part.
We didn’t want to end up creating another digital flipbook, knowing that it was as pointless as it was worthless.
We crafted each magazine with heavy texturing, rich imagery and took advantage of the smooth feeling javascript-powered animations could provide.

Browsing through content

Photo + story

Most of the content we had, related both to the movie and to the heavy subject we were pointing at.
Creating and displaying content about a movie which was not in the theaters at that moment, while managing not to give away too much about the main storyline was surely a challenge.

Most of our content needed to be articulated around the subject in itself and through a deeper approach : “Killers & Lovers in the history of cinema, portraits of the actors, interviews of the crew, etc.”.
Each issue had its own features, custom experiences, relying on sound, image, video and mostly... information.