Now I want
to be your dog

for Bark to Work

We did Concept, Design, & Programming

Dance on the dubstep

Wishcards and “end of year projects” are always tricky.
Everybody’s looking for something disruptive enough to stand out from the noise generated by all the other companies sending out their friendly wishes.
Yeah, these are pathetic times, although, we also think it is the best opportunity to explore your own craziness and come up with a last breath of air for the team. Back in 2012, we wanted to play with the Webaudio API and to entertain the crowd with something as strange as we are.
The idea to create a game in which you have to hit the right key at the right time made it to the final round ( and sadly we left behind the website-controled rocket launcher )

We thought about you !

Yeah, it works
on tablets

We knew you would hate it to be asked to click really fast on something using your mouse. On the other side, you also knew we were really kind people.
Yes we are.

Knowing this, we trusted your judgement and made sure the game was also playable on tablets, and it enhances the experience so much!

Warm welcome?

Well...they liked it

This product is located somewhere between the internal joke and the programming experience. We enjoyed crafting it, but we surely didn’t expect to get a reception this close to the general spirit of the project.
Thousands of likes and ten times more players.

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