We want crazy Ari
& Polish sci-fi

for The Congress

We did Insights, Strategy, UX + design

A crazy movie by Ari Folman

Do you know who Ari Folman is? You don’t? To put it simply, Ari Folman is a tall, impressive and talented Israeli director. In the past you may have heard about his masterpiece : “Waltz With Bashir”, the multi award-winning ( Golden Globe, Cesar,...) animated movie. “The Congress” is Ari’s new breakthrough in film directing.

Adapted from “The Futurological Congress” from Ijon Tichy, Ari directed a new visually provoking rollercoaster and our team couldn’t be more happy that he and his production company approached us to get an equally crazy rendering of his vivid and disturbing atmosphere.

The big idea

Welcome to the grid

Half live action, half animated movie, “The Congress” is so full of powerful and beautifully animated imagery that we couldn’t skip on using all this amazing content. During the early conception phase it quickly became clear to us that we had to completely immerse the visitor in the atmosphere using a grid of shorts scenes from the movie.

The challenge was all about performance and the best way to get something as smooth as ( at least ) 30 frames per second and it sure was a hell of a challenge. Trying everything : Gifs, Video, Canvas and finally ended in using CSS3 spritesheets to ensure maximum speed on a wide range of devices and computers.

Responsive design

“See,we would like
to browse it on mobile”

Of course, as far as performance goes, we also had to solve this issue with tablets and mobile and come up with an adapted version of the website for those devices.

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Become your
own character

A huge part of the movie being about identity and self-consciousness. How else could we approach the subject if we didn’t create a SVG-based avatar creator for Facebook.
Entirely made out in the style of the movie, you could create, export and share yours in minutes.