Creativity is
intelligence having fun

for Creative Wallonia

We did Insights, Branding, Strategy, UX, Design

Easy as one,
two, three

Creative Wallonia is a framework program that places creativity and innovation in the center of the Belgian Walloon project.
Back in 2011, we were lucky enough to get appointed as the agency behind their visual identity and graphic universe for the years to come, and what began as a first contact became a long-lasting effective relationship. As you know it, we love relationships, and not only those involving people running hands in hands on the beach during sunset.
This is why, every single year, we had to reinvent and rethink around the concept and branding we initially created. Whether it is by involving papercrafting or vivid colors, we explored the visual implications of creativity.

the digital way

Colors, UX and
Rock & Roll

Crafted in 2012, their all new website was built around the concept of colours, grids and a clean black and white contrast. The good old Helvetica Bold providing enough visual stability to close the deal. On the backend side, Emulsion, our homemade CMS, 8 years in the making, and used by 99% of our clients

Fashion statement

Did you
say print?

While working on Creative Wallonia, our design team designed so many different print media that we lost track of them : bags, posters, cards, enveloppes, flags, huge billboards, badges, books, magazines....


Three years &
several evolutions

Each single year had its own way to deal with content, colors, shapes and ideas revolving around the very same concept. It was a bit like getting you excited about something new, while making yourself home. Yeah, we’re like that.