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A Belgian success story

In Belgium everybody knows Franco Dragone but nobody knows exactly how big he is.Whether it was for the Cirque du Soleil or under his own name, Franco Dragone dragged 85 millions of people to see his shows during the last 13 years. Astonishing isn’t it?

Now, imagine their team coming at us, with a 9 years old flash website and pitching us for a whole new long-lasting digital strategy. So, we got the dust out of our best dancing suits, trusted our guts and managed to win the pitch and started the collaboration with their amazing team.

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new visual identity

A brand new logo...

Fresh starts means...well, fresh start. Our first mission was to collaborate with Dragone’s team of illustrators and rethink their brand new logo together.
We finally got it right after countless iterations.

We love paper

...and the whole

New logo means new branding, and new branding means a whole lot of new outputs to think about. Basically we suggested new graphic guidelines from business cards.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Conception & design

UX is the macaroni under the cheese

Here at Dogstudio we don’t jump into any design production without a proper research about the best way to drive a user through its journey.

Yeah, we also try to think from time to time.

The same way you can’t build a house without foundations, we worked hard on the structure of the website, allowing it to be usable and result-oriented.

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Conception & design

Aaaaaand it works on mobile

What would be the Dragone experience without a proper mobile integration?
This is why created a mobile version which is as immersive as the desktop version is.

Conception & design Insights, Branding, Strategy, UX, Design

Happy New Year

“Wait, what ? This is already the end of the year and you need to tell your partners about the future of the company?”

This scene took place in november 2014 and we had only weeks before us to come up with a proper wishcard giving justice to Dragone’s bright future.

Our solution?
An interactive video allowing you to travel directly into Dragone’s current and upcoming shows.
Reinforced by sound design, alpha-based transitions and a mix between Video and HTML experience, the exerience surely made an impression.

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Speak about
an audience

In the end it is not only about Dragone’s partners as more than 20 000 people ( and counting ) experienced the wishcard

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