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for Ernest & Célestine

We did Insights, Strategy, UX + design, Countless hours of movie watching

A modern take at a classic story

Ernest et Célestine is a famous Belgian children book from Gabrielle Vincent. Down here, a lot of people got to fall asleep listening to those amazing stories about an unexpected but heartwarming friendship between a bear and a mouse.

La Parti production, which was in charge of the great animated movie adaptation got in touch with us to create a website which would be immsersive but also adapted to both the older ones for the inheritance and the younger ones for the movie.

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How to use a large
library of assets

When you have the chance to work on such a cool project, and when you are even more lucky to collaborate directly with the director of the movie, it gives you spectacular opportunities.

Benjamin Renner gave us access to his Flash files ( Yeah, the movie was animated in flash ), and it allowed us to generate spritesheets which would be then used in the 3D javascript-powered scene.


Adding one
more dimension

We love when phsyical objects can take advantage of digital products. This is exactly what we experimented with the website. Using those javascript 3D scenes, we linked directly their behaviour to the gyroscope of mobile devices, giving you a real 3D feeling when manipulating the website on a tablet.


Gimme success

The result is simple : awards for the website, awards for the movie ( Cesar of Best Animated Movie in 2013 ). The whole experience across cinemas and digital was completely consistant success.

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