The state of play
in Namur

for Kikk Festival 2014

We did Almost everything

1,2,3… 4th edition

What is the KIKK Festival ?
It's a mix of technology, visual arts, music, architecture, design and interactive media. The program includes conferences, workshops, an exhibition, a market and a party with live performances.

You know the best part of it?
It is our own festival! Organisation and curation by Dogstudio, Superbe, and KIKK’s Team.
Basically it means we do quite everything, from the website to the flags and each year we start over. Isn’t it cool? (and quite some work)

Splish splash

Painting everything

This years’s concept revolves around playfulness, and what’s more playful than throwing a bunch of fruits and vegetables in the air and paint them with plain color?



We wanted a unique set of typography and therefore created each title individually with markers before scanning and tweaking them in photoshop.
It took quite some time but hey, it’s looking nice isn’t it?

More and more...

...and more stuff

As ususal, the concept was adapted to posters, flyers, website, flags, signage, etc...
Managing a festival is a serious business.


Cool T-shirt

What do you do when you are only allowed two colours on a tee-shirt?
You get creative and play with halftone patterns and your custom made typography.