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2015 is the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo. Yeah, Waterloo is in Belgium,and this is also the place where Napoleon lost a battle during his conquest of Europe and his war against the British Kingdom.
In 2014, “Les Films De La Mémoire” directed a documentary about this famous battle.

This production company came to us asking for a proper digital experience unveiling details about the movie but also details about the battle and the two opposing sides : the French people and the English people.

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Something unique

Building the

What do you do when you only have a few production shots and nothing around?
You build a branding and design code revolving around it.

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Waterloo Experience

The website is divided in two main parts : the content around the movie, including cast, agenda, news, synopsis and so on and another part which is much more about the historical background behind this really famous war.
Why not showing this battle through the two opposing sides and give much more information about the back story?

One of the biggest challenge was to get through all the available materials, statistics and get to summarize its content in a usable and readable shape.
A lot has been written about this battle but giving different perspectives is something new.

How does it work?

One side for red,
one side for blue

The experience section shows two colors, each one related to one army.
Browsing through the different steps and different statistics will get the two sides to dynamicaly move to show the user which side may have been in superiority.

Making it real


Using historical documents and the information we had in our hands, our team of designers recreated a set of illustrations which would be used to illustrate the selected texts.
Doing infographics like a boss.